Feel Good Electropop Painted in Shades of COBALT

Leon Seti is an Italian born singer-songwriter based out of London who writes beautiful electronic pop music with influences from New Wave, trip hop, and pop music greats. You’ll hear tinges of Bjork, modern R&B, and 80s alternative music as you glide from track to track on his latest LP, Cobalt. Sometimes the music is simple and plays a background role to Seti’s powerful pop vocals; while, other times, the music works itself into the foreground, play the lead role. The interplay of the electronic beats, the keyboards, and Seti’s unique voice creates an experience that both harkens back to a golden era of pop music and is fresh and exciting.

The lead single, “Silver Lining”, is definitely very 80s inspired. One could easily hear it wedged in between Culture Club and Human League tracks and never know that it’s from 2019. In fact, the music video (below) even feels as if it belongs in the era.

The rest of the album certainly fits this vibe, while some tracks seem to borrow later influences from the electronic trip hop stylings of artists like Bjork, Morcheeba, and Zero 7. Fans of 80s pop and alternative need to check this one out immediately and fans of modern electronic pop shouldn’t be too far behind. In other words, before popping in Yazoo’s greatest hits for the 100th time or wearing out your “Totally 80s” playlist, give Seti’s Cobalt a spin or three. You won’t be sorry.

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