My husband called me the other day to alert me of a new flavor of Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew*S*A. It’s a combination of three existing Mountain Dew flavors: White Out, Voltage, and Code Red. These flavors are all berry flavored Moutain Dews (raspberry, cherry, and “white cherry”). I was skeptical of the flavor combination given it seemed like a gimmicky excuse to make a “Murica” Dew flavor. It still is a gimmick, to be sure, with the 4th of July less than two months away, but it doesn’t taste as weird as a thought it would.

Although, I can’t put my finger on what it tastes like. It tastes like none of the individual flavors that compose of the concoction, but not how I imagined the combination of berry and citrus tasting either. It ends up just tasting very smooth and vaguely citrus flavored, and vaguely berry flavored. Its mercurial in that every time I’ve tasted it, it seems to hit me a little differently, and I cannot decide if I like it or not. Die hard Dew fans, may feel more strongly about the taste.

Rating: StarsStarsStars

Anastasia Byrd
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