Kickstart My Heart: Indie Horror INNER GHOSTS Needs You

The Kickstarter Campaign is underway and I was able to ask the writer and producer, Paulo Leite. They hit their goal but are working on a final push with just over 2 days to go at the time of this post.

The project was inspired by 3 things. On one side, we felt some frustration about the lack of concrete information or evidence about ghosts given by some of the world’s most notorious psychics. On another side, we found some great reports from scientific experiments made in the last 30 years that actually offered some clues on ghosts and we wanted to use that. We also had a very fresh concept for a horror story and the research we did was key to make the script even better.

The film sounds like something very different and very inspired. Fresh ideas in horror are always a welcome thing, as far as I’m concerned. These fresh takes are what got me interested. I’m obviously not the only one that thought their pitch was great.

[The film] was financed on pitch before there was even a script. We pitched the film to investors and they loved the story. So after that, we wrote the script and made the film.

Watch the video above, check out the Kickstarter, and support indie film… especially indie horror!

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