Easy like a Sunday Morning with ERIC FRISCH

Sunday was created as a day of rest. Despite the hustle and bustle of life in today’s day and age, giving yourself some time to clear your head and relax is important. For folks like me who use to music to decompress and cope with the daily struggles of life, Sunday is a day where the soundtrack calls for smoother and more melodic tunes. Sure, I love me some aggressive punk rock, hardcore, and metal a lot of the time, but on a Sunday morning or afternoon I’d prefer to be drinking my coffee and working on some light reading or writing with something easy going and carefree.

The latest track from pop troubadour Eric Frisch, “Head Up in the Clouds”, is a perfect track for this Sunday morning feeling. The song is poppy and fun, while really putting forth that carefree attitude and feeling. The message is all about being content with who you are and being yourself. The vocals are pleasant and smooth. With an overall feeling reminiscent of Aussie pop singer-songwriter Ben Lee, it’s nearly impossible to listen to this song and not feel a sense of calm, as it washes over you like a cool breeze off of the lake while you sit contemplatively on the dock at your family vacation home.

Long after you’re done listening to this track, you’ll find yourself still singing along in your head, tapping your toe, and displaying a content smile. Eric Frisch’s first of several new singles releasing in the coming months is a perfect one to kick off your days. Forthcoming tracks “Angeline” and “I Can’t Sing with a Broken Heart” capture the same heart and beauty of “Head in the Clouds”.

“Angeline” is a bit more stripped down, equally playful and hypnotic. It’s a fun little love song to a girl named… you guessed it… Angeline. “I Can’t Sing with a Broken Heart” is a plea from Eric, asking not to be left with a broken heart. The track feels a bit more inspired by Americana folk, but retains the same earnest qualities of “Head Up in the Clouds” and “Angeline”. As these singles drop, we’ll be sharing them with you, the readers, as well.

For me, though, it’s “Head Up in the Clouds” that I can’t stop singing over and over right now. It’s infectious in the best way possible. If you can’t enjoy this one, you should probably check your pulse, because this could easily become the feel good jam for the Spring and Summer of 2018.

As a bonus, check out his music video for one of his older tracks called “The Light Ahead”… another one that’s sure to put you in a great mood and help stat your day off right.

Justin has been running websites since his first Geocities site in 1994, but only did he ever start covering anything of substance years later. After he stopped regularly running local concerts in Northern NJ and the greater Philly area, he knew he needed to step up his writing game if he expected to continue to get free music to listen to. He writes regularly here and at Cinapse, as well as contributing to a few other sites on occasion. He likes music, film, the Philadelphia Eagles, the 76ers, talking about Criminal Justice, reading Intelligence Report, and his family... not in that order. His beautiful wife is far more talented than he is and his kids far more adorable... and crazy.
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