Indie Horror Gem DRY BLOOD is a Bloodsoaked Mindf*ck

Distributed by Epic Pictures/Dread Central collaboration Dread, 2019’s Dry Blood is a much different take on the cabin in the woods type story. Most horror films that feature a cabin in the woods are slashers, some feature the undead, and others choose to do something a bit different. Dry Blood takes the latter route, building its terror on confusion, mind tricks, and a blurring of reality… and it’s all the better for it.

In a rural mountain town, an unstable drug addict must unravel a surreal murder mystery as he’s terrorized by malevolent ghosts, a deranged sheriff, and the frightening hallucinations from his withdrawal.

In this heady tale, the writer and director also take the lead roles. Writer Clint Carney is Brian Barnes, the main character of the story. Brian comes to live at a mountain home that he and his ex own. While there are a few others that play a role in the story, the next largest role is that of the town’s lone police officer, played by director Kelton Jones. The officer seems to be primarily concerned with making Brian’s life a living hell. The two play a bizarre cat and mouse game while Brian finds himself seeing hallucinations that he can’t be sure are just hallucinations.

Addiction and its aftermath take center stage as Brian unravels and the local cop’s extreme suspicions begin to prove true… or do they? What exactly happens here, you’ll have to see – and question – for yourself. The crescendo is soaked in blood and the finale is surely something else.

Horror geeks like myself will enjoy seeing fellow horror geek turned journalist turned producer Rob Galluzzo as a sarcastic and somewhat grumpy store clerk, as well. His performance is a fun addition to this weird, creepy, small town horror.

All in all, this is a can’t miss indie horror flick for fans of this a bit off-kilter. Stay tuned for what Clint Carney and Kelton Jones have in store for the future, it’s sure to be thoughtful and wild.

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