Talking MOHAWK and More with Ted Geoghegan and Marcus Koch

This episode, as per usual, is sponsored by our friends at Vinegar Syndrome, please go check them out.

Today, we’ve got director/co-writer Ted Geoghegan (pronounced Gay-Gun) and special effects coordinator Marcus Koch (pronounced Cook) talking about their film, Mohawk, as well as a few of Ted’s inspirations… 1977’s Rituals and 1985’s The Emerald Forest. We get a little bit political in discussing Ted’s motivations for the film, so Trumpers beware (as if this needs to be said for anyone familiar with our podcast).

Great films, great people, a really great chat. We hope you enjoy. And check out Ted, Marcus, and us at some of the links below!

Oh and here’s a trailer for Mohawk, which is out now… so rent or buy that shit today!

Music today from the Mohawk soundtrack (composed by the great Wojciech Golczewski), DJ Shadow with Run the Jewels, and Five Iron Frenzy.

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