31 Days, Day 10: Today is the Day for Our BROOKLYN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL Preview

Brooklyn Horror Film Fest returns on Thursday. We’ll be covering a few films this weekend and we’ve covered a few already. The crew here is excited as HELL and here’s a bit of a preview as to why we think you should be too! The full program can be viewed at their website, but here are just a few highlights!

Covered by Rachael as part of Fantasia Festival earlier in this festival season, Fashionista is a Roeg-ian thriller with a ton of style and an interesting mode of storytelling. Rachael dug it…

Fashionista is filled with vibrant colors, a very vintage feel, and a soundtrack that coincides perfectly with the story.

BHFF marks the NYC Premiere, for info check the BHFF listings.

To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story is a great documentary that I am very excited to be covering as part of BHFF 2017. I had the opportunity to screen it once already and will be rewatching it this week before giving you all my official review of the powerful story of Kane Hodder’s life.

An inspiring story with some real pain and perseverance, Hodder’s tale is one that may have turned me from a casual fan to someone who wants to see Kane continue to win big.

Both of my “Best of the Fest” picks for Chattanooga Film Fest this year are playing at BHFF this year: Joe Lynch’s Mayhem and Matt Mercer’s Feeding Time. The former is a great zombie virus type film, forcused on what happens when the virus hits a contained area and people try to survive. The latter is one of my favorite short films in years. It’s just a set up and a gag, simple and to the point… but it’s just wonderful!

See them both! Click here for info on showings of Mayhem and here for info on Feeding Time.


Blaine will be waxing poetic on Hagazussa for this year’s fest coverage. Blaine has had a change to see a good few of these, as he is actually programming for the Buried Alive Fest this year. Hagazussa is one that he jumped at the chance to write about and we can’t wait to share his thoughts with you.

For info on the screenings of this Austrian/German gem, check the BHFF page for the film.

We’ll be tackling several other films this year in our coverage, too. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that! Always, don’t miss out on Rift, Tragedy Girls, and Sequence Break (all of which we’ve covered this festival season and wholly endorse seeing)!

Get thee to Brooklyn, horror nerds. It’s not just a hipster haven this week, it’s a horror haven too!

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