Fantasia 2018: Aussie Thriller BROTHER’S NEST Packs a Punch

Australian horror/thriller films pack a punch. Brother’s Nest is no different. Clayton Jacobson delivers such a twisted dark comedy that I sit here with my jaw dropped wanting more.

Clayton Jacobson and his brother Shane Jacobson respectfully star as brothers Jerry and Terry who are out to seek revenge. After lying and saying they are in Sydney, the duo sneak into their childhood home and await the arrival of their stepfather, Rodger, so that they can kill him for being an incompetent father to them after their biological father committed suicide. On top of that, they want to have their cancer ridden mother change her will so that the boys can have the home they grew up in after she passes away.

Jeff (Clayton Jacobson) is obviously more prepared than his brother. He is equipped with a to-do list, and has a set plan on how he wants the night to ultimately pan out. The boys clean the house of any fingerprints that could have been made since their arrival, and reminisce as they go through old toys and pictures of their adolescence. Terry is feeling a bit uneasy about the scenario and tries to counteract everything Jeff has said thus far. Terry finds out that Jeff’s motive for a murder may not be what he thought all along. Tensions arise as the brothers fight about their plan of action. However, with Jeff’s pushy nature, Terry follows along with the scheme until a blip in their intentions happens.

Rodger comes home early and the boys have to act fast. Chaos ensues and it turns into an outright shitshow. To make matters worse, their mother is in the car waiting for Rodger to return. She comes in to figure out where he is and why it is taking him so long to come back out to the car. To tell you what happens next would be criminal as you must watch this to see the debauchery explode.

Great dark comedy movies are a diamond in the rough. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they fall short of encapsulating everything needed to make a dark comedy worthy. Brother’s Nest is 100% a hit for me. It has spunk and jam packs wit to leave you laughing while coincidentally sitting in shock. The script is comedic when it needs to be and flips a switch to dramatic with ease. To see two brothers on screen together also illustrates natural chemistry and dynamic.

Ninety-seven minutes is all it takes to watch this deftly paced flick. Family drama surround all our lives, but for some it may be too much to handle. Brother’s Nest is worthy of the attention it gets and then some. You’ll laugh down to the last line in the movie, and you may relate to things going on in the boys lives. Well, hopefully not the whole plotting to murder someone in your family though. I wouldn’t pass up this movie if you have the availability to watch it.

Rachael Hauschild
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